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Experts Webinar Series


Set your business up for success - learn how to solve common order & shipment fulfillment challenges. 

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Simplify the complex world of EDI

orders & shipments with online retailers

Join Edisoft’s EDI Experts as they explain best practices for receiving and fulfilling orders with online retailers. They will review common challenges encountered (i.e. managing a high volume of single item orders, managing carrier tracking numbers for purposes such as

Track & Trace, and supporting trading partner branded packing slips) and ways to simplify and support the requirements of this type of business relationship.

Thursday, May 23

2 - 3pm EST


Product Showcase:

See how Edisoft's solutions simplify

the fulfillment of orders & shipments

with online retailers

Thursday, May 30

2 - 3pm EST


In this follow-up webinar, Edisoft’s EDI Experts will demonstrate how to simplify and support the requirements of online retailers.


They will show you how to efficiently handle a large volume of single item orders and how to meet new compliance requirements, such as:

  • Supporting 3rd-party carrier billing

  • Providing retailers with accurate ASN data that links specific packages to corresponding small parcel tracking numbers

  • Printing compliant branded packing slips, based on trading partner specifications

Customer Orders; the value of order visibility and how to reduce costs and avoid errors when processing orders


In this webinar, Edisoft's Warehouse Experts will provide useful examples of how distributors can decrease the cost of fulfilling and shipping customer orders, while gaining greater visibility of processes throughout your business. At the end, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn about industry best practices for warehousing and shipping.

Inventory Accuracy & Capacity Issues 101

In this webinar, Edisoft's Warehouse Experts will advise on how best to establish warehouse capacity in a distribution environment and will identify the leading reasons for inventory inaccuracies amongst distributors. They will recommend how to address these inventory inaccuracies with both process improvement and simplification of your warehouse layout.


Product Showcase:

Key Benefits and the ROI with a

Warehouse Automation and Fulfillment System

Thursday, June 20

2 - 3pm EST


In this webinar, Edisoft's Experts will conduct a live demo of the QuikPAK Warehouse Automation & Fulfillment System and Merchant Cloud Services EDI. They will take you through the workflow of a regular day:

  • Receive Purchase Order

  • Stock Transfer from Dock to Rack Location

  • Putaway Assistant Program

  • Cycle Count

  • Receive Customer Order from Merchant Cloud and update into the ERP

  • Wave, Pick, and Pack Order

  • Shipment Verification Program

  • Calculate Freight Charges and Tracking Number with ProcessWeaver CMS

  • Post Order into the ERP

  • Creation of Outbound EDI Documents


As they walk you through these processes, our experts will highlight the benefits of a WAFS system and will end the webinar with a sample ROI.

Thursday, June 6

2 - 3pm EST

Thursday, June 13

2 - 3pm EST


Jaret Caravan

Solutions Consultant - EDI

19+ Yrs: Supporting EDI & ERP Integration
2+ Yrs: Leading Cloud EDI Projects
6+ Yrs: Implementing Systems to
            Supply Online Retailers

Mauran Nadarajah

Solutions Consultant - Supply Chain

10+ Yrs: Deploying & Supporting EDI and WAFS
5+ Yrs: Designing Supply Chain Solutions


Edisoft’s Smart EDI & Warehousing Cloud Platform orchestrates, automates, and ensures seamless end-to-end Financial, EDI and Carrier Compliance of all Sales Orders & Shipments.

The Edisoft Platform enables manufacturers and wholesale distributors to leverage their data as a strategic asset through real-time reporting, analysis, and KPIs to improve supply chain performance.

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